Our most recent Ofsted in November 2013 said that....  

  • "The quality of teaching is good and sometimes outstanding."
  • "Behaviour around the school is always good and sometimes exemplary."
  • "Pupil welfare is at the heart of the school. Behaviour is always good and sometimes outstanding."
  • "Pupils' enjoy coming to school."
  • "The curriculum is interesting and is enhanced by visits, visitors and assemblies."
  • "Children make good progress throughout the school."
  • "Relationships are strong; pupils are keen to learn and eager to come to school because of the care and support provided by the school which makes them feel safe."  

The full Ofsted report  can be read below:

Ofsted Report-November 2013


Religious Education Inspection 

Our last RE Inspection was in March 2009. The inspection stated:

  • "Guardian Angels has an outstanding Catholic ethos, characterised by the excellent relations within the school and the parish community. It has become the hub of the parish. It is a school where everyone feels welcome and new pupils are soon assimilated and happy within the school. It is a tribute to the school how quickly they are assimilated."
  • "Pupils have gained much from being exposed to the vibrant Catholic life and the values within the school, which are accepted by the whole community. Throughout the school teaching is at least good with some outstanding teaching. As a result, together with the pupils’ remarkable attitude to school, their impeccable behaviour, their enthusiasm for learning and a very positive attitude to religion, their progress is outstanding. Pupils enjoy their learning in RE."
  • "The outstanding provision has enabled pupils to achieve excellent development spiritually, morally, emotionally and culturally. The distinctive nature of the school permeates every aspect of the curriculum and Catholic life. The school ensures the highest possible care for the pupils. The caring nature of the staff gives a superb example to the pupils."

       The full report can be read below:

  Religious Education Inspection Report 2014