Open Morning Comments From Visitors


"Lovely to see just a taster of the lessons taught- really enjoyed it."

"Very impressed with the reception class; how much they are taught, abilities and overall general learning."

"Absolutely loved our time visiting.  Reception class is still brilliant- Great school and lovely staff."

"Fantastic school, loved your reception class.  Everybody is lovely! Lovely learning environment.  Thank you! "

"Lovely school and learning environment!"

"It was really nice to come and see the children "in action." "

"Amazing school!  Children all very well behaved- would be thrilled if my daughter gets a place here."

"The school has changed so much since I attended, and all for the better!  So interactive and displays are all brilliant.  Every class was so different and children so well behaved."

"Lovely school, well behaved children- Thank you!"