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Guardian Angels is a fully uniformed school.  The staff and governors believe that it instils a sense of pride, discipline and good order in the pupils.  It adds to the sense of belonging and community and gives equality to all children. The children look smart and are good ambassadors for the school in their uniform. 

  • The following must be adhered to by pupils.  
  • Parents are strongly advised to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with their child's name. 
  • We ask that parents send their children into school wearing the following items of uniform as detailed below, these can be purchased from Clive Mark, 2282 Coventry Road, Sheldon, B26 3JR.  

Winter Uniform (September to Easter) –Boys

  • Plain grey or black trousers
  • White shirt
  • Black or grey socks (no colours or patterns.  No white socks)
  • Black and yellow school Tie
  • Black  jumper
  • Smart, plain black ‘Clarkes style’ shoes (no canvas, boots or heels)

Winter Uniform (September to Easter)-Girls

  • Plain grey pinafores, black/grey skirt or trousers
  • White blouse
  • Black, white or grey socks or tights (plain)
  • Black and Yellow School Tie
  • Black  jumper or cardigan
  • Smart, plain black ‘Clarkes’ style shoes (no canvas, boots or heels)

Summer Uniform (After Easter-October half term)

As winter uniform apart from:

  • Yellow collared polo shirts may be worn instead of a shirt and tie.  This applies to boys and girls.  Please note that the polo shirt should be yellow, not white.
  • Girls may wear a yellow gingham/stripe summer dress instead of the shirt, tie and skirt.
  • Boys may wear plain grey school shorts.

P.E Kit

  • Plain black P.E Bag
  • Black hoodie
  • Plain black shorts (or plain, black track suit bottoms for cold weather)
  • Yellow T-shirt
  • Plimsolles for indoor work, trainers for outdoor work for Years 4, 5 & 6
  • Plimsolles for Years Reception, 1, 2 & 3

Swimming Kit

Swimming is a part of the National Curriculum and all children must attend lessons when their year group participate. Children must bring a towel and appropriate swimwear. Swimming bath rules state that ‘Bermuda’ or long shorts are not permitted for boys. Girls should wear a plain one piece swimsuit, bikinis are not permitted.

Note: The swimming baths does not allow earrings to be worn in the pool, therefore on these days please send your child in without earrings.


A simple, plain watch is permitted. Simple gold or silver stud earrings-No hoops. No other jewellery is allowed. This is due to safety reasons. 

Footwear and Trainers

No trainers are not permitted apart from during PE lessons or otherwise instructed.

No high heels are permitted.  Shoes should be sensible, comfortable and leather style.  No canvas shoes are permitted, including VANS.  Boots of any description or high heels are not permitted.


Extreme haircuts are not permitted.  No tramlines are permitted.  Girls hair is to be tied back using plain black Alice hair bands or black elastic hair ties with no added accessories.