Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.

A Parents’ Guide to our School Improvement Plan 2020/2021


How does the school decide priorities for development?

Our school’s performance is assessed under 4 headings, in addition to RE and Catholic Life:

  • RE and the Catholic Life of the School
  • Quality of education.
  • Behaviour and attitudes.
  • Personal development.
  • Leadership and management.

We constantly evaluate how well we are doing in these areas and collect evidence from all stakeholders. We gather information through our monitoring and evaluation, questionnaires and review our SIP at several points through the year. The governors are responsible for agreeing the priorities and ensuring that each plan is implemented.


What are our priorities?


RE and the Catholic Life of the School

We are working to:

  • A stronger emphasis on vocations needed throughout the school and not just Y6.
  • The school has sustained & enhanced partnerships within the parish
  • Pupil led CW takes place in all classes and is evidenced in the Journey of Faith books
  • RHE fully implemented across the school
  • Further promote the teaching of multi-cultural units in RE
  • Establishing a revised school Mission Statement so that its more memorable for our children in a more child friendly way
  • Plan a programme of visits to other places of worship/ visitors representing other faiths.
  • Strengthen community and parish links through a series of planned events.
  • Ensure pupils are exposed to and achieve the correct level of challenge.


Leadership and management

We are working to ensure:

  • Senior leaders and governors have a greater strategic vision of the school
  • Senior and middle leaders are fully accountable and have a positive impact on attainment, progress and standards
  • Subject leaders have a clear picture of their subject & its role within the school curriculum
  • Class teachers are fully accountable for their class standards and achievement
  • Ensure that ambitious class and key stage targets are set, to ensure continual school improvement.
  • The Senior Leadership Team and Middle Leaders to report accurately to governors to enable governors to refine their actions to ensure improvement in outcomes.

Quality of education.

We are planning to:

  • Carry out lesson observations and learning walk outcomes are at least consistently good
  • Ensure that pupils books show rapid and sustained progress
  • Ensure disadvantaged pupils in all year groups make accelerated progress and achievement gaps diminish
  • Review the content and structure of lessons, to increase challenge and promote independent learning – teaching through a ‘mastery’ approach.
  • Encourage lesson structures that give time for pupils to review learning; to deepen and develop their skills and knowledge. Ensure effective, well planned interventions are in place and that they are carefully monitored to maximise their impact.


Behaviour and attitudes.

We are working:

  • To carefully monitor absence rates, particularly for disadvantaged pupils
  • Ensure that pupils are confident and self- assured and that they take pride in their work and their appearance.
  • To continue to promote good behaviour, particularly at lunchtimes and breaktimes
  • Continue to promote good behaviour in the dining hall, through use of lunchtime helpers and a consistent approach to behaviour management.