Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.


'I have come that you might have life and have it to the full’ (John 10:10)

Catholic Schools are required to teach RHE in accordance with the teachings of the Church. This approach is compatible with the guidance issued by the DfE. The DfE guidance can be found here. 

Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School is working in partnership with TenTen Resources to ensure the school fully implements a compliant and engaging curriculum and RHE Policy from September 2020. TenTen Resources are used widely across many Catholic schools across England. The Catholic Service and the Birmingham Diocese have approved the TenTen programme, content and resources to ensure schools undertake their statutory duty as well as teaching in line with the Catholic teachings of our Church. 


Click here to read our School RHE Policy December 2022


Contact the school to gain access to the 'Life to the Full' Parent Portal to access all the resources, videos and view the programme content. 


General comments from pupils about the 'Life to the Full' lessons

'I learn how to keep my healthy, how my body changes, how our body works and the things that happen to our bodies that are normal.' 

'I know more now than if I didn't learn about it. I will hopefully not be scared of changes because it's normal.' 

'I know how to respect my body and to respect others.'

''I know I need to a balanced diet to keep my body healthy.'

'I've learned to not be embarrassed about things that happen to you and to support people who are going through things too and share it with people.'

'I've now know how to keep my body healthy. I know I need to do good things to my body.'

'I know how to take care of myself.'

'I know that God made us. He made girls and boys different and during puberty things happen at different times to each other. I now have the knowledge I need to cope with change.'

'I've know to not be afraid to tell anybody and that I can speak out so it doesn't affect me when I'm older.'


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