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Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.



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BGFL 356 Guidance for Parents



Tricky word song 1 link
Tricky word song 2 link

Live Phonic Lesson - please send an email to the school if you are unsure which lesson to watch for your child.

Here are some books that can help you with your blending. Click on each one to read it. These books are in levels starting with the first levels of blending and gradually moving through the phases.

Sound Blending 1

sound Blending 2

Sound Blending 3

Red Ditty Book  - Sun hat fun

Red Ditty Book - Nog in the frog

Red Ditty Book - Get Up!

Red Ditty Book - I can hop!

Red Ditty Book - Fat Frog

Green Level - Rag the rat

Green level - Nip and Chip


Week 5


 Maths- activity 1- Can you complete the shape patterns?
Maths- activity 2- Number bonds to 10, using part part whole
Maths- activity 3- Number bonds to 10, using ten frame
Literacy- Have a look in a magazine or newspaper. Use a pencil to circle or underline all of the tricky words, how many tricky words can you find? 
Physical Development- Magic Beans
Story time- activity 1- Listen to the story, does it sound familiar?
Story time- activity 2- Sequence the Funny Bones Story
Health and self care: Watch this video to understand about food groups. Can you make your own healthy face.docx

Take time to talk.docx

Creative food!.docx

Where does food come from. Powerpoint.pptx

Have a go at this Healthy eating online game!

Expressive Arts and Design- Make your own leaf necklace.

RE: Baptism: Listen to the story of The Presentation of Jesus. Here is a parent guide to support the story. Create your own representation of Simeon lifting baby Jesus in the Temple.  

RE: It is the month of Mary - have a go at creating your own booklet. Use this template or make your own!

Week 4

Story time- activity 2- design your own Mr Man/Little Miss character
Health and self care activity 1- colour the fruit and veg rainbow
Health and self care activity 2- have a look in your cupboards- can you pack a healthy lunch box? Share pictures of your healthy lunch on BGFL
Being imaginative-design your own house.
Technology-Take photos on your daily walk, can you upload them onto BGFL?
RE: Baptism: Look at photos of the baptism candle, can you find your own? Ask your child to think about when do we need light? Why is it important?
Play Blindman’s Buff and discuss experience and feelings of not being able to see. Relate this to night time/being somewhere dark. How do we feel when the light comes on? Jesus said “I am the Light” Jesus was trying to tell the people that he would be there to care for them and keep them safe. 
Children to design their own Baptism candle.



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