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BGFL 356 Guidance for Parents



Tricky word song 1 link
Tricky word song 2 link

Live Phonic Lesson - please send an email to the school if you are unsure which lesson to watch for your child.

Here are some books that can help you with your blending. Click on each one to read it. These books are in levels starting with the first levels of blending and gradually moving through the phases.

Sound Blending 1

sound Blending 2

Sound Blending 3

Red Ditty Book  - Sun hat fun

Red Ditty Book - Nog in the frog

Red Ditty Book - Get Up!

Red Ditty Book - I can hop!

Red Ditty Book - Fat Frog

Green Level - Rag the rat

Green level - Nip and Chip

Reading Book - Big Bad Bug

Reading Book - Mix Mix Mix

Reading Book - Run Tin Cat

Reading book - An odd bug!

Reading Book - Jack

Reading Book - No Trick's Gran!

Reading Book - Painting the loft!

Week 12- Ready for Year 1!

Read The Cautious Caterpillar with your child- discuss the story with them and how Cody felt about the change

Go through Spread Your Wings and Fly powerpoint to discuss the story in more detail

Spreading my wings for Year 1

For my new teacher- All about me

My wish for Year 1

Maths activity mats- these can be completed throughout the 6 weeks.

Maths- colour the shape butterfly

Phonics activity mats- these can be completed throughout the 6 weeks

Life cycle of a butterfly powerpoint

Life cycle sequencing 

Life cycle writing

Mini beast hunt


RE-Prayer- Over the past few weeks we have been thinking about our traditional prayers, this week we are going to think about our own prayers. Who do we want to pray for? What do we want to thank God for? Using the 5 finger prayer, ask your child to think about all the different people they want to pray for. Write their prayer down and create your own collective worship at home, allow your child to lead this service. Share your images via BGFL365.


Week 11

Read the story of The Naughty Bus with your child

Literacy- writing- create a missing toy poster for The Naughty Bus

Literacy- writing- Put the story into a storyboard

Literacy- tricky word-search 

Maths- number formation powerpoint

Maths- Count the number of people on the bus, write each digit in the window to practise your number formation

Maths- repeating patterns

Maths- repeating patterns 2

All about London Powerpoint

London bus paper model

Wheels on the bus in Makaton 

Make your own London bus


RE-Prayer- Discuss with your child another traditional prayer we say at church is The Lord's Prayer.

Discuss the meaning of each line with your child, encourage them to say and learn the prayer.

Cut out, order and order The Lord's prayer


Week 10

Maths- Days of the week
Maths- Transport addition
Maths-2D shape- draw the other half of the road sign
Literacy- writing- Write a story all about a journey in a hot air balloon
Literacy- reading- Read the sentence, add the extra information to the picture

Wheels or no wheels sorting activity
Sort the transport to the correct location
Physical Development lesson
Design a vehicle for a superhero! You can create this on paper or using JiT on BGFL365


RE- Prayer- What other prayers do we know? We know the Hail Mary.
Discuss each line of the Hail Mary with your child
Can your child decorate the prayer? What drawings will they use to help them remember the prayer?

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