Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.

Feedback From Stakeholders


Comments made by parents from Spring 2022 survey

What is good about the Catholic life of Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School? 

'The community it creates'

'Strong community spirit'

'It teaches children good values'

'Children are taught to be kind and considerate of others'

'Consistency in the teaching of aspects of the Catholic life'

'It is AMAZING, especially for children starting Catholic education at the early stage and the techniques the teachers use to teach them is great'

'The morals they follow as is it mirrors our home environment'

'The ethos and behaviours it drives'

'My child is taught strong Catholic virtues'

'Teaches children how to behave children are respectful of others'

'Children have good values which come from teaching and support from school'

'It teaches my daughter to be kind and caring and to love one another, to help those that are less fortunate and to treat others how she would want to be treated'

'It’s a close knit school and keep parent well informed'

'Everything, such a welcoming ethos and community. My children talk about faith confidently and deeply and this is amazing for my children'

Comments made by parents from Autumn 2021 survey

What is good about the Catholic life of Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School?

‘Love the prayer bear!’

‘It makes the children feel like they are part of something’

‘It aids a positive and respectful ethos in and around school’

‘Teaches children fundamental values that they may take into their future lives’

‘Our daughter enjoys Mass of Tuesdays with her class and often talks about he creations God has made on Earth and expresses how important being kind is’

‘It gets my daughter asking questions’

‘It teaches the children good morals’

‘We feel that it helps provide guidance and helps in the way he shares and loves people’

‘It gives a positive and warm welcoming into school’

‘Evident that Catholic Life is very important to the school as you walk in and there are nice displays. Nice to have homework relating to Gospels and school prayers in planner’

‘Praises children and encourages them to do well and take pride in what they do’

‘I believe that the school puts my daughters health, well-being and safety as a priority and keeps her well informed about local and world events’

‘Home activities are really interactive’

‘They learn it through a variety of ways and the weekly homework linking Wednesday Word is good’

‘It teaches the children good values of how to conduct themselves and behave well towards others. I think it gives the children a good sense of belonging and security’

‘I think the Catholic Life of the school is conducted very well. My children often refer to lessons when at home with a positive attitude’

‘The school creates positive atmosphere of Christianity. Children are involved in Church activities and taught good manners both in class and independently.’

‘Teachers are fantastic and very helpful. I see so much involvement and support’

‘My child makes good progress in her religion and happy how the school supports her’

‘Allows the children to understand the stories in Church and explore their faith further’

‘It is great experience for my child to learn about another religion’

‘Children get to be involved in reading in Mass’

‘As * has only just started school, she has learnt some new prayers and enjoys Church so I find these really good and enjoyable for the children’

‘I enjoy the new star pupil assembly with hymns and prayer included’

‘I think it’s wonderful that Miss Carroll, Mrs Milligan and Mr Spindlow can now offer the bread and wine in Church in the Eucharist’

‘It is well led and parents are informed of developments within school. Parents are invited to weekly masses which are led by the school children’

‘Teaches values of being a good Christian therefore the child will develop with good moral character’

‘It’s good how it teaches the children about the life of being a true Catholic I think the Catholic life gives them structure and stability’

‘The R.E homework gives us a chance to impact our child’s spiritual lives the way we wish to.’