Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.




At Guardian Angels we use Wordsmith to support our teaching of English. Please click on the links below for more information of some of the units, texts and grammar content taught in each year group.


English Long Term Plan

Grammar Glossary

English Reading Skills booklet (EYFS-Year 6)

English Writing Skills booklet (EYFS-Year 6)


Recommended Reading lists

Our recommended reading lists contain 40 age-appropriate books for children in each year group. We have taken the time to carefully choose books that will hopefully capture your children's imagination and develop a rich vocabulary. The lists contain colour-bands and a description of the books so that the children are able to 'cherry-pick' their favourites according to their book-band level and their personal interests.

40 Books for EYFS

100 books to read in EYFS

40 Books Year 1

100 books to read in Year 1

40 Books Year 2

100 books to read in Year 2

40 Books Year 3

100 books to read in Year 3

40 Books Year 4

100 books to read in Year 4

40 Books Year 5

100 books to read in Year 5

40 Books Year 6

100 books to read Year 6