Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School

Guided by the teachings of the Church we pray, work, celebrate, and care for each other and other people using the gifts we have been given by the God the Father, Son and Spirit.

Rules Around School

Golden Stamps

The golden stamp can only be earned at the end of the day if the pupil fulfilled all of the following:


1.Attends school

2.Arrives at school on time

3.Is wearing the correct school uniform smartly throughout the day

4.Has their PE kit/swimming kit in school

5.Has completed homework on time

6.Gives their best effort in lessons

7.Is well behaved throughout the day including break and lunch times

8.Has their planner signed by an adult at home every day 


Golden stamp awards are given after 50, 100, 150 and 170 stamps are achieved and the rewards range from a golden pencil to a water fight at the end of the year with the teachers.

School Rules

Be safe

Be sensible

Think of others


Dining Hall Rules

We queue calmly.

We stay in our seat.

We face the table.

We use our indoor voices.

We keep food on the plate.

We finish our food before leaving.

We clean up after we have finished and leave the table as we would like to find it.


Our Caring Playground Rules

We play together and look after each other.

We follow instructions the first time, given by an adult.

We play without fighting, play fighting or being rough.

We use kind words and actions towards each other.

We call other children by their real names.

We are polite to everyone.