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Year 5

Help sheet on uploading work onto BGFL

Additional activities for reading, writing, maths and other subjects


Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Modified comprehension-Life of a Tree Stage

Comprehension-Dear Humans

Allotments (read to complete English worksheet)

English worksheet.docx

Maths Y5-Spring-Block-3-WO7-Order-and-compare-decimals-2019-2.pdf

Sow, Grow and Farm home-learning



Click here for the weekly timetable 1.3.2021

St Davids Day Recipes


modified spellings wc 1.3.21.docx


Beetle Boy VIPER Questions.docx

Maths - Multiply unit fractions by an integer pg 74-78

Maths - modified sheet

R.E Lent 

RE Lent modified 

Optional RE task 


example information text.docx

Rhinoceros Beetles.docx

Maths - Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer pg 78-82

Maths - modified sheet 

Science - Powerpoint

Science - Fact information sheet 


Modified - Information-Text-Planning-Sheet.pdf

Maths - Multiply mixed numbers by integers pg 82-86

Maths - modified sheet 

Spanish - see timetable

Jigsaw worksheet 

 Thursday  - WORLD BOOK DAY




Maths - Fractions of a quantity pg 86-90

Maths modified sheet 

Art - Activity sheet  


Checklist and word bank.docx

Maths - Fractions of an amount pg 90-94

Maths modified sheet

P.E with Joe - see timetable 


 Maths challenges Monday - Friday

Maths Answer sheets for White Rose maths book

Monday - answers

Tuesday - answers

Wednesday - answers

Thursday - answers

Friday - answers 


Supporting Resources



multiplication square.pdf

Year 5 Multiplication and Division Word Mat.pdf

Alphabet handwriting.pdf







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Updated January 2021 Year 5 Creative Curriculum Home Learning Ideas

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